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North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition Letter To Steve Cooksey

April 26, 2012

Steve Cooksey- Diabetes Warrior or Shameless Self Promoter?

I recently read an article about how the North Carolina Board of Dietetic/Nutrition was taking someone to task over information on his website about some diet he was talking about.  Originally I was outraged and thought he should be able to say what he wanted to.  After a little research I found out he had to make some tweaks to his site and then he would be in compliance…which he did.  There have been numerous news stories on this situation stating they are going to send him to jail or make him rewrite his whole blog.  Again I investigated this and found out not only was that not true, but in fact the entire complaint has been officially closed after Cooksey fixed his site.  Complaint Against Steve Cooksey Closed  I was able to obtain this letter under the Freedom of Information Act, that clearly states that he is now in “substantial compliance” and the case/complaint has been closed.

All I can figure out from here is that this guy, Steve Cooksey, is using this case to put his name on the map, when in fact it has been closed.  As recently as yesterday he has been quoted as saying he can’t comment on any of the legal matters pertaining to this situation.  What a joke!  There are no legal matters since the complaint has been officially closed since April 9, 2012.  This guy is simply a self promoter trying to get into the national spotlight on a dead issue.

I don’t know whether his diet and information are good or bad, nor do I care.  I hope if it is good stuff that people can benefit from it.  What bothers me is that this guys is dragging people through the mud and stirring up controversy by not disclosing the whole truth.  If he is willing to not tell the truth on this…I have to wonder about his advice on his site as well.  Below you will see the letter to Cooksey stating that the complaint was officially closed.

Steve Cooksey…Gimme The Facts!

Steve Cooksey Leter


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